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The chancellor, George Osborne has announced the new proposal which states that the public sector pension members shall be banned from transferring out of their defined benefit scheme.

Reports say that, after Osborne publicized a drastic renovation of the UK pensions framework most of the public sector workers started moving out of DB scheme for a defined contribution (DC) so to avoid this huge flow, the ban has been introduced by the government.

Main reason for the people showing interest in DC is that anyone who is aged 55 or above can take their entire fund as cash as per the improvements made in DC and are subject to be effective from April next year. (more…)

It’s said that there is a good news for the retired people that the Government will soon be giving an option to choose what they do with their pension pots. Though giving choice is a great thing we need to see how well it will be used by the retired people.

Every choice that we make builds our life the way we wanted. However, there is a saying that “Great power comes with great responsibility”, so one should be responsible and accept the choices that we made and the actions taken to achieve it. So the retired people should be prepared well in advance of what investment threats they are ready to take. (more…)

Key advantage of freedom can be a good time to create policy to pair Scottish conditions & importance. A state pension is main sample of the area where ability to tailor policy in a line with the person necessity, which can be advantage for the people of Scotland.

Effective GREAT BRITAIN authorities has left the pensions process in the chaos. The United Kingdom state monthly pension is amongst the most difficult on the globe. It’s in addition un-founded within 2011 the state pensions placed 26th ranked of twenty-seven EU member says relative to gross average pre retirement revenue. Because of this, 140, 000 pensioners within Scotland live within poverty. (more…)

Julie Hutchison of Standard Life writes that one can start his savings regardless of your age, which helps you to have improved retirement plans instead of having no savings at all.

Celebrating birthdays sometimes make us feel happy at the same time will be annoying with the growing age when we turn up to 40’s, as it reminds us that we have become old. When we turn back, the biggest scare that anyone would have if they have not planned for their retirement is about the finance. Not to worry too much if you are thinking about your financial status after retirement, it’s not too late as you can start saving into your pension even in 40’s and can have a good amount in your hand at the time of your retirement. (more…)

Though there is flexibility on when can a person retire, the classic decision on when to retire is a big thing for any person. At some point one might think of having early retirement and enjoy and few people are likely to retire late. Based on preferences and current status one should take the decision. There are pros and cons in both early and late retirements. So on considering these pros and cons one can make things lot easier and plan their future as they wanted.

Here we are presenting you with few of the advantages and disadvantages of early and late retirements based on which one can decide which plan best suits him/her. (more…)

As per one of the analysis, it’s estimated that around 4.7 million people who has already left or is in the process of leaving UK are moving their pensions out of UK to Qualifying Recognized Overseas Pension Schemes (QROPS). HM Revenue & Customs-recognized (HMRC) should give permissions in order to act as a pension schemes outside UK and HMRC allows the pension schemes which are regulated and recognized in the country where it is established for tax purposes. QROPS is one of them, approved by HMRC.

Nigel Green, the deVere Group founder and chief executive said that, “The 15 per cent growth in our QROPS business to the year ending
December 2013 reflects the sustained upward trend in the QROPS sector more generally”. (more…)

On seeing the Britain’s pension system going down day by day, two main questions arises. These questions were raised by Channel 4 current affairs programme.

1.          Is there any end to Britain’s pension crises?
2.          Are the people bothered about the savings after retirement?

Below is the list of few problems that are aired on 18 November and possible solutions to them.

Issue 1: Are we saving enough
Blaming the UK government is not just the right thing to do coz the government has come up with auto-enrolment pension program a year ago. (more…)

In UK, when the property industry is doing well year by year at their fastest pace, the pension system appears to be in catastrophe.

The Office for National Statistics revealed last month that , the amount of employees giving into an occupational pension plan had dropped to the minimum level ever.

Faster house-price growth

Every human wants to lead a relaxed life after retirement, but without proper savings not many of us will attain this. But in recent time due pathetic annuity rates and lack of retirement savings are (more…)

A very good question for which no one has a clear answer for over 20 years is that whether the pension plan happens to be appropriately poised or not. Though there are lot of annoyance till date, no one had raised their voices. However, it came into picture when the lawyers started saying we haven’t equalized properly. Till now, “The trustees assumed we’d equalized retirement age range, the organization assumed we had, members were advised we were equalizing to age 65, the plan’s been managed on those grounds for a long period and hardly any members has previously recommended otherwise”. (more…)

Retired people might be given advice on how longer they might be sure to survive, a government minister has stated.

Pensions Minister Steve Webb cautioned individuals normally neglect the span of time they may survive allowing it to be staying without adequate savings.

Approximations of life span will be depending on things for example sex, the place they reside, as well as whether or not they smoke cigarettes.

The details might assist them to plan their financial situation a lot more effectively, based on the minister. (more…)

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